Returning to That Night-time Phenomenon

Hello folks, so I had one very clear understanding when reflecting on the above performance at Seven Arts, Leeds (I love that place). And actually, this clear understanding was instant and realised during the performance – so actually very immediate reflection, which became more of a certainty. This is that I shall never repeat a same performance. The above was a repeat performance that had gone very well the first time and I think had used up, dried up, all my incentives and purpose for the text and actions. It was a very unsatisfying feeling to not have had the time to rework this piece with a new ‘fire’ (so to speak), and would I have been able to do that anyway? I was simply walking through the actions – how awful – the audience know this (though some friends will disagree), it wrecks everything. – and some people do this night after night – the same performance. Perhaps its just me, but I am decided that I will not do this again. It was not as successful but I ave learned a valuable lesson. Was it Antonin Artaud who argued that performances should not be repeated – Artaud, I agree.

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