Christmas Cabaret at Seven Arts: That Night-time Phenomenon, December 2016.

Venus is ensconced in her planet, she feeds on, keeps moving through, the energy dependent on the proxemics between herself and the planet Jupiter.

For me, the person playing Venus, I feed on the energy between myself and the audience. Wonderful evening. This performance was based on a scientific interpretation of the Star of Bethlehem, but feedback from spectators about what this performance was grappling with, what its messages were, were so varied. In my eyes, job done!

When an audience member approaches you and tells you that you are the next Victoria Wood, and then asks you for your autograph, that is a very proud moment indeed – and I don’t feel that often. Thanks Sacreu Bleu the Christmas cabaret night, and thanks Seven Arts Centre.

Text from That Night-time Phenomenon:

“They were astronomers, concerned with what was happening in their nights sky, asking ‘somebody’ [picks someone from audience] “where is the baby to be born king of the Jews?” “This is his star […] and so now we find ourselves here”. It’s a bright star. It’s a big event for them. It’s a joy. Well, If it’s a joy to witness it […] imagine what it is to create it […] that bright sight in the sky…

It was thought “this will happen again” – this rare event indeed – with whispers of “do you remember what it felt like?” that night time phenomenon? It’s August the 27th 2016, or it was […] it’s a dark nights sky and a close encounter is about to occur.  They were just 4 arc minutes away from each other […] It’s 416 miles between them, but still […] what’s hundreds of miles when you’re in love?

But she moves so slowly, in a different way to her neighbours […] going backwards […] going around too slow. And he is almost twelve times bigger than she is […] he is formidable […] she has to be careful. Sometimes it’s a bit much to be honest […] but she moves.”

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