Features of Fool: Manchester Victoria Baths, April 2016.

How  could I not apply to perform at Manchester’s Victoria Baths for an evening in which all proposals were to look at the concept of  The Fool. The evening proved it was an interesting topic to explore, the performances were varied and of a high standard. I  always looked at The Fool as being a character of which I admired – for reasons that they seem like a lark, full of energy and not burdened by the serious aspects of life – people ask for a fool, fools have the attention of others.

I approached my contribution to this night by reading (not all of it – it’s a big book) Beatrice. K. Otto’s book Fools Are Everywhere and extracted key points and interesting accounts of fools to structure into a performance. This performance ultimately put forward the message that fools were of credible attributes. I delivered: some of Otto’s words  verbatim (I realise now I should have asked for permission on this) and those she referenced, paraphrasing of Otto’s words, play from her words, and characterisation from her words. I tried to portray what a typical fool might appear like for the audience and I loved playing this role.

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