The next step: Trifling with DaDa

So – the next project! I have for a long time felt an affinity with the concepts included in the Dada art/ anti art movement. As well as an understanding for their methods I hold a great appreciation for the courage Dada artists adopted to dispute the regular methods (in art), advocating the importance of autonomy and imagination. My fascination has led me to want to present a project which is not about me but about others, some selected central figures of Dada. Fascinating to me are Hugo Ball, Walter Serner and Tristan Tzara, the key men of the Zurich Dada movement which began at the Cafe Voltaire in 1916. I am currently constructing a performance proposal to apply for space to carry out a performance experiment which works with research into the period, phonetics, abstract performance presentation and performer-audience engagement. More on this soon…

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