Working from the spectator

The initial purpose within this first solo piece was to make clear the notion of struggle; trying to reach a conclusion, betowken to the audience as (repeated) failing and eventually conquering. My struggle was self induced, the most dominent of my adopted modes of behaviour saw me in a physical and verbal frenzy intensified within an imagined world created and visible to the spectator through gesture and improvised dialogue from previously concieved images and present emotions.

The spectators purpose was to guide me to a particular route for an outcome, ending, often in a more extreme verbal and physical state. Before the spectator is invited into the performance space they have witnessed from the start my slow working into an inescapable confusion, my getting attracted and detracted to my chosen object of a bowl of ater (which serves as both saviour and sinner) and my failing and then returning back to the start of the pattern. The spectator helps me break this pattern. The calmer mode is employed and they are asked questions (impromtu from where I find myself in this journey) and their answers, following their exit from the space, lead me to a path out of my self created world and an end to the piece.

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