Performing the self, the improvisation game.

When studying in 2010, the final module of the Contemporary Performances Practices B A Hons degree (Performing the self) awakened the knowledge in me that I am, when at my most honest, a solo performer. I took the opportunity within this module to confront some of the challenges expected in what I consider as honourable work. The most difficult of these aspects being that of impromptu work in the performance space. This piece was highly improvised, improvising from spectator contributions, preconcieved images, and material that had been improvised priorly in the peice. This work was delivered (following the completion of my Degree) at Leeds Seven Arts Centre, Newcastle Northern Stage and again at Leeds Metropolitan University. Because of the nature of the work every performance was different, The loose (and interchangeable) subject matters, my purpose, and my relationship with the innanimate object remained the same. I don’t think I caould have created a piece which was to prepare me better for my future career.

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