New performance: A Hunch

As a result of some research through performance practice (done for my MA dissertation), I created a performance piece I titled A Hunch. A Hunch was, I felt, a fitting title which reflects the notion of improvised acts being ‘a hunch’ rather than premeditated, but also because it captures the re-occurrence of ‘going ‘back’ (made explicit in various ways), which took place in my improvisation workshops which preceded the final work. It also references the line ‘hunchback’, spoken in one of these improvisation workshops. Here, we can see the follow-up from previous work, and how the mind falls on prior practice to as a starting point to generate new ideas when improvising without direction, or boundaries which are not self made.

A Hunch was performed in John Thaw Studio in the University of Manchester. Following this is was also performed at two East Street Arts events. The first was in an all white surrounding, and a further environment of beautiful art work, the second down a staircase at Patrick Studios, Leeds. The piece was created to be performed in a large space – the size of John Thaw Studio in fact. To perform the work without rehearsal in a new and much smaller space was a challenge, this challenge was taken much further by then performing this very physical piece (unrehearsed) moving down and then up a longĀ  narrow staircase. I enjoy these challenges, and allow repeat performances to be kept stimulated by new and unfamiliar performance spaces because you are encouraged to make intuitive adjustments throughout the work.

Following a showing of this piece I received one of my favored compliments yet: ”Now I know how my mum felt when I first played punk music”.

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