Working with Idle hands: collaboration with Philip Sanger at Yorkshire Dance, December, 2013.

Working with Idle Hands was a performance piece created by Phil Sanger and myself. I loved this performance – very sad this wasn’t captured on film. All considered following the show it was tough – we were the last of a line-up which comprised of a ‘family orientated’ audience, people had come carrying family pride to see Uncles, Fathers and children dance rehearsed routines and were perhaps not aware that our style was being offered up on the bill.

Our performance was described by an audience member as DaDa – with the added comment that it should be in a New York loft – very pleased about that! I was pleased with our performance because it is sometimes difficult to maintain sincerity for your work when you are shifting between very differnt ways of presenting ideas. I think we also elevated in our ablility to trust and respond to one another and above all feel enjoyment for being in the performance space again!

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