The VERB Project: collaboration with Philip Sanger, Manchester, July 2013.

69813249The VERB Project (link to a showreel of the performance)

The VERB event: an hour (almost) of improvisation, with very little preparation but lots of resources. Prior to entering the space on the first day of the VERB project (curated by Kathyrn Miller and with a group of very interesting and diverse artists) we had very little discussion on what would be performed there. There were only a few fixed ideas – the use of certain materials, the possibility to return to previously performed text, and the actions of following and interrupting with water and wine – there gave birth to Phil’s title for the piece – ”Out to Dry”. Perhaps little meditation was rightly so, this was site specific response. Some artists spent time in the space working and building creation around there environment in the weeks before the event. As me and Phil are not local and it was some what natural for us to just play in the presence this was an improvisation for us. Phil was well prepared in giving us much stimulus (materials) to provoke ideas – and, too, decorated nicely in the space – the resulting effect of the improvisation in that space was a fairly interesting creation in itself. What was interesting was the difficulty we seemed to feel in enjoy an dresulting a positive performance – this, I imagine, was down to the vastness of material – sometimes there is too much to play with and one experiences a sense of ‘stuckness’. The experience, however, we invaluable, both as a lesson learn’t but a tyest on ourselves individually to see the work through and also on our relationship as perofrmance partners. Above is a wonderfull edited film of moments form the performance.

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