The Pavlov Syndicate have Idle Hands Collaboration with Philip Sanger, Vantage Arts 2012.

”He’s been sighted on several occasions half-mourning around the lower end of the terrace, adorned in lilies and a daffodil wreath…still to creek, to bark.. it wasn’t enough…I wondered why he’s had that door widened..if I stood on a chair I would be taller but birds on palatial busts are not to be reckoned with…yes rapping on many doors…but it’s so small and the radius has trebled – again!… he’s so small and he rode in and trebled…but the spirals, the spirals they run in my family, they gradually increase their frequency and time moves smaller and faster…”

''just a few more feathers''

Ahhhh. To work with someone you greatly admire is more than a moveable feast! I admire Mr [Philip] Sanger greatly and we had a ball performing our first collaborative piece ‘Working with Idle Hands’ at Vantage Arts 2012. Initially this was a written response to Edgar Allen Poes The Raven – well chosen Phil. This textual response was a mixture of our interpretations of the concepts in the poem, paraphrasing of the poem, direct quotes, speech patterns and paraphrasing from Victoria Wood sketches – of all things – concepts from quantum physics and personal chit-chat from camaraderie. The intention of course was to (sat stationary) visit this text twice throughout the performance and then move into spontaneous action, ‘playing’ with the ideas from the script. Our first performance lent more than a little towards improvisation and play, but I think a delicious way to learn about each other in the performance space. Future perfromances will see the text subjected to specific instructions which will allow us to experiment with various concepts in theatre, though the improv/ ad-libbing will always be there – Phil is some what of a master at it!

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