An end to The Head and all that Follows suit: performed in a number of venues, 2012.

Meeting resistance. First and foremost listening to yourself (‘arrested stillness’ in motion throughout the performance) – listening to yourself enjoying the time. And, in the background the audience, who help shape what is delivered – keep you from monotonous repetition, encourage you to use the space, to make new suggestions away from the last, to encourage you to go further away from yourself … and much more. what fun!

Time to move on! I have had an enjoyable run of improvising absurd sequences from (and around) self created text, formidable images and stolen dialogue from 1970′s televisions series – in which the tedious in life is the most important – but my head is no longer being pulled out of my colon and thrown into the stratosphere to land on the floor and melt with the various coloured masks which crumble beneath my ‘far too heavy feet.’

Initially the process and style of performing was to learn about myself, to escape to a manageable world where I could make clear decisions to leave one happening and enter another, to see myself string all these slight images together to produce a firm and effective narrative and to be larger than I could in life in the performance space (where for some bizzare reason I could allow an audience to watch me get excited without the aid of alchohol).

I have observed three seperate modes of delivery which have consistently arisen in my solo work – the sentimental and profound self (always directed to an audience member or an imagined being in the space with me), the head-strong, upper-class and dictative self (prob a Welsh feminist in atual reality – though I view myself as masculine in the performance space) and the derisive, out of control and sometimes humorous clown.

The next move is to seperate, exploit and expand these modes of delivery with material that is researched – that is informative, that which has more of a bearing on others lives – though feed back tells me the simplicity and abstractness of my comments might have made more of a connection to the audiences interests? Time to think…

The Head and all that Follows suit performed at Live Art Bistro, Templeworks, and Summer Saturnalia

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