That Which Has Been Smoked: Temple Works, July, 2011.

Watch here:

This performance ‘That which has been smoked…’ consists of prewritten text (which is delivered in still pose from within the wall) and improvisation from this prewritten text and a preconsidered image of happenings. The attached video shows the section of improvisation.

The script (which can be read two posts below) is a stream of consciousness in response to the question ‘if I was restricted within a hole in the wall for a long period of time and I couldn’t see people but I knew they could see me what would I feel and think?’ This question was the first thing that came to mind after visiting the venue. This performance, then, derives from the shape and state of the space in which I was to perform.

If I am proud of this work (and others in the past, as they, as yet, do not differ greatly) it is because I have been brave enough to abandon my objectivity to spontaneity, to now exceed the point where I am working to pull relevant phrases in my improvising, in hope of creating an interesting and sentimental vison for the audience. Now, for a few moments, I find an authority that is very natural and new, an enjoyable feeling of control and purpose in which everything matters. I am unmoved by what verbally and physically comes out (wether it may look right or wrong) I use it, as though in that struggle there is something very human and important to convey, a self confessed emotion that I hadn’t realized was there. One in which I’d hope can be related to by those watching.

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