The Story of Sitting Crow – text and images.

On the second seasonal rising of the brightest star in the lake of sky, Sitting Crow felt a fire, furious, expanding and impressive in his stomach. Sitting Crow asked the tribesmen in his village why he could feel a fire he could not see. The men did not know, for they had never known a fire they could not see, or indeed a fire they had not started themselves. But they did not for a moment doubt Sitting Crow. He knew he had been given an honoured opportunity to regenerate the new or reunite with that which had once passed, but like all those chosen for a special adventure you must wait for the adventure to take you up in her arms and carry you away, for you cannot wish to question that which resides inside your belly.

Three days following Sitting Crows realization he was dazed in observation at a raven hopping amongst the tall grass.  Sitting crow transcended into a vision in which the raven flew in front of and ahead of his gaze. The raven moved to the right of his sight and danced with an eagle. With synchronized footsteps the birds declared

‘you will find the fire in the wings. Listen to the words, the words are in the wings’

Sitting Crow looked ahead of his sight and all he could see was an empty open space of dim blue light. A black line descended from the sky. It was a row of black birds which all landed together and started tapping their feet in exact rhythm. Also in the vision was the crown of the court, the moon, smile stretching from cheek to cheek, tapping to the rhythm of the birds, which birds Sitting Crow did not know. He could also not hear any words from the wings, only sounds from the feet.

He decided to question the birds but as the fifth row came down from the sky it was noticeable to him that here was an empty space amongst the row. Sitting Crow stared at the empty space in wonder at it’s possible significance. Then he heard the sound of the tapping slowly ebb away. The birds stared at him, as he stared at the empty space. Then, one by one, they lifted their wings to turn and look too at the space. The sound from each their wings revealed a recognizable difference from the one following and preceeding it…and there came the most haunting rhythm that made the fire inside Sitting Crow just big enough for him to…

Photos by Vicky Trueman

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